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    About us
    -In a whirlwind of flavors-
    In our company Rokmar, we approach the needs of a modern and aware consumer in a boutique fashion. We believe that, by applying high standards, our company Rokmar creates new dimensions in the ice-cream industry in Europe. We see the small size of our company as an advantage as we believe that only by “manual production”, by traceability and by individual approach we can realize our vision. The knowledge and experience of our colleagues, and most of all, their love of masterpieces made from ice-cream, have positioned our products at the very top of the today’s ice-cream world. Boutique collections of selected flavours impress our customers year by year. As regards ice-cream delicacies, we are your icy partner and a hot ally and we would like to invite you to join us in our common journey towards success.
    Bruna Jejčič
    Bruna Jejčič
    / Director
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