ISO 22000

Logotip za certifikat ISO 22000

The ISO 22000 standard is an international Food Safety Management System standard that defines the requirements for organizations involved in the food chain. The HACCP approach is complemented by rules for the business system, good hygiene practices, traceability and food labeling.



Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, abbreviated as HACCP, is an international systemic preventive approach that ensures food safety. In our company, we implement the HACCP system on a daily basis, which ensures compliance with the applicable regulations of Slovenian legislation and complete care for our customers and their final consumers. We follow the seven principles of the HACCP system with legal, moral and ethical responsibility, which is why we proudly offer our products to you with our “head held high”.



In 2017, we obtained Halal certification for all our products. This was confirmed by the Islamic Community in the Republic of Slovenia that our products are “pure”, high quality, recommended, environmentally friendly and safe for the consumer. This certificate is not only a certificate for members of the Islamic faith, it is also a certificate for all informed consumers, because in addition to the regulations that are important for the Islamic community, it assures everyone that our products do not contain GMOs, we do not use pesticides and herbicides, that we only use organic acids , such as lemon, that our flavors and colors comply with the law…

No genetically modified organisms


Although research on GMO products is lacking and there is no evidence of harm, we have decided to eliminate GMOs from our products because they are organisms that are not found in nature. All the raw materials we use are GMO-free and therefore intended for everyone who advocates a healthy lifestyle and respect for traditional nutritional values.

No allergens

Brez alergenov

The modern era has brought a host of new diet-related illnesses. More and more people are hypersensitive to allergens and struggle with a changed lifestyle. In order to provide excellent ice cream preparations for them as well, we have prepared products without allergens. In addition to allergens, the VEGAN base for making ice cream does not contain milk, sucrose and gluten.

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